Obviously this academic year has promptly come to a halt and students have left earlier than expected and many year 6, 11 and 13 students may not be able to sit their exams, attend their school proms and celebrate their final school days with their friends.

Things are very uncertain for many at the moment, and we understand this is casuing a lot of stress and anguish. Many students won't have a lot to remember their school days by which is why, after much deliberation, we have decided to ahead with producing our leaver hoodies for students who still wish for a piece of memorabilia for the future.

We are currently offering 10% off our normal retail prices for our leaver hoodies up until 27th April 2020.

The deadline for ALL orders is 15th May 2020.

Normally the schools deal with the order details, including sizes, colours and payments but you can do this via our website. Please click on your school logo below to find your school's leaver hoodies, fill out your order details and payment and we will deal with the rest. Orders will be delivered free of charge but please be assured that we will be strictly and meticulously following the government guidelines during the pandemic to ensure everyone, our staff and customers alike, are kept safe.

Please keep safe!

Farnborough Academy, Clifton, Nottingham

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